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ELITE LAW FIRM is born to provide professional and qualified legal services in the field of Intellectual Property and Business Law in Vietnam. In addition, through our experienced associates networks worldwide, ELITE LAW FIRM also provides services in the registration, protection and enforcement of Intellectual Property in many countries around the world such as Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Russia, Germany, France, United Kingdom and European Union (EU) countries, etc..

Standing ourselves at client situations help us deeply understand customer’s business thence giving the most effective solution with cost-saving to every legal problems that a customer encounters. With the intensive knowledge of local culture, economic development and the practical application of law in each country, ELITE LAW FIRM commits to provide professional, effective and economical legal services with the purpose of maximizing benefits, enhancing business competitiveness, preventing business from all legal risks and bringing success to Client.


“Delivering Success, Effectiveness and Safety to our Clients is the Mission and ultimate Goal of ELITE LAW FIRM.”