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Building and brand management

Brand building and management service

ELITE LAW FIRM is born to provide professional and qualified legal services in the field of Intellectual Property in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. Since our establishment, we are proud to represent as the IP Agent for various clients whom are prestige and multinational corporations in Vietnam, such as LG CORP; LG Electronics Inc.; LG HOUSEHOLD & HEALTH CARE LTD.; THEFACESHOP CO. LTD.; The Wonderful Company LLC (formerly known as Roll Global); ACCOR HOTELS; M&K Holdings Inc.; EM Research Organization, Inc.; NETMARBLE GAMES Corporation; SmileGate Entertainment, Inc.; Romanson Co., Ltd,…

With experience and expertise in registering for protection of intellectual property rights for many of the major partners mentioned above, we are ready to support you in consulting building and managing brands.

I. What is brand building and management?

Brand building and management is the process of shaping how the public perceives a business according to the owner’s brand strategy. This process is tied to the product/service that the business provides to the customer.

Some highlighted factors in brand management are such as: friendliness, reliability, product or service quality and customer awareness with products/services…

Brand management is a long process, but the initial orientation of this process is extremely important, so we look forward to assisting your business at this initial step.


II. Brand building and management service of ELITE LAW FIRM

We will support your business at the most important stage which is the orientation for the process of building and managing the brand. Particularly as follows:

i) Consulting businesses/production facilities on product and service grouping based on the information provided;

ii) Consulting on the market and expansion of domestic and foreign production and business;

iii) Consulting and evaluating the brand identity based on the database of the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam and the database of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). We will do a preliminary and in-depth assessment of the ability of your brand to distinguish it from competitors in the market;

iv) Consulting on establishing intellectual property rights for enterprises’ trademarks to improve the reputation of products/services. At the same time, the establishment of intellectual property rights shall help businesses have a basis to prevent and promptly handle infringing acts (copying, counterfeiting, etc.) of their products/services;

v) Consulting on the following procedures: ownership transfer; transfer the right to use or grant a license; Franchise… to develop the brand for the business.


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