Renewal, Change, Assignment in Myanmar

Renewal, Change, Assignment Myanma

We would like to advise you that in Myanmar, the new system will start with zero registered trademark. All previously registered trademarks will be void and lose their protection. To continue to protect trademarks in Myanmar, the previous registered marks must be refiled under the new filing system on a first-to-file basis.

The procedure of recordal of trademark amendment, renewal, assignment at this time in Myanmar actually is the procedure of re-filing new TM application along with the following required documents:

  • An original signed and notarized Power of Attorney.
  • A scanned copy of previously registered Declaration of Trademark Ownership.
  • Trademark sample
  • Confirmation of the Classes and List of goods under the Nice Classification of 11th Edition
  • Additional detail information of the Applicant:
  • For company applicant: Company Registration Number (compulsory); Company Legal Entity type; Full Address of Applicant; Phone Number & Email (optional)
  • For individual applicant: Scanned copy of Passport.
  • Original notarized Declaration of Change of Name/Address or legal documents showing the change of name/address ( in case of recordal of TM amendment)
  • Original and Notarized Assignment Agreement (in case of recordal of TM assignment)


Besides, the regulations regarding time frame for recordal of trademark amendment, renewal, assignment procedures in Myanmar has not been determined at this time.

The total cost including official fees, attorney fees and disbursements cost for the recordal of recordal of trademark amendment, renewal, assignment from the filling stage to obtaining the recordal of trademark amendment, renewal, assignment.

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