Industrial Design protection Vietnam

Industrial Design Registration in Vietnam


  1. Name, address and nationality of applicant and designer(s);
  2. Photographs/drawings of front, rear, left, right, top, bottom and perspective views of Industrial Design (electronic format);
  3. Certified copy of the priority document(s), if claimed;
  4. Signed Power of Attorney of applicant in favour of ELITE LAW FIRM (under our form);
  5. Signed Deed of Assignment, requested only if:

          (i)    Applicant is individual but not the designer; or

          (ii)   Applicant is organization not the applicant stated in priority application.


  1. Language of filing: Vietnamese;
  2. Priority data (application number, date and country) is required at filing; the original priority document is required within 03 months from filing date;
  • Original documents (4) & (5) are required within 01 month from the filing date.


  • Formality examination: 1 month from the application’s filing date;
  • Publication of application: 2 months from the application’s formality acceptance date;
  • Substantive examination: 7 months from the application’s publication date;


A Patent for Industrial Design is valid for 5 years from filing date, renewable twice, each time for 5 years.

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