Patent and Utility Solution protection in Laos




1. Name, address and nationality of applicant/inventor;

2. Information on the PCT application number or WIPO’s publication number (for PCT Application).

3. Description of the Patent/Utility model with claims, abstract, drawings / Copy of patent specification in English (for national phase application only) (better in MS-Word format);

4. A certificate of the priority document where priority is claimed. Priority data (application number, filing date and country) (for National Phase / Conventional Application only)

5. An original notarized Power of Attorney of applicant appointing our firm as his/her patent agent (under our form); and

6. An original notarized Deed of Assignment if the Applicant is not the Inventor(s) (under our form).



  • In order to maintain the patent or patent application, an annual fee shall be paid in advance to the Registrar for each year, starting four (04) years after the filing date of the application for grant of the patent. A period of grace of six (06) months shall be allowed for the late payment of the annual fee.
  • Language of filing: Laotian;
  • We can file the Patent Application with the Copy of the Required documents (2, 3, 4). The original documents are required within two (02) months from the Lao filing date; and
  • National phase deadline for PCT Application is 30 months from the earliest priority date.
  • Deadline for filing an Application claiming priority is 12 months from the earliest priority date.


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