Trademark protection Vietnam

Trademark Registration in Vietnam       


  1. Information

 i. Full name, address and nationality of the applicant;

ii. Detailed description of applied goods/services and international class(es).

    2. Required documents

i. Trademark specimen;

ii. Certified copy of priority document, if claimed.;

iii. Signed Power of Attorney of applicant in favour of ELITE LAW FIRM (under our form).


i. Language of filing: Vietnamese;

ii. The Nice Classification -10th Edition is applied in Vietnam from 01 Jan. 2012.

iii. Priority data (application number, date and country) is required at filing; the original priority document is required within 03 months from filing date.

II. Time limit

  1. Formality examination: 01 month from the application’s filing date;
  2. Publication of the application: 02 months from the application’s formality acceptance date;
  3. Substantive examination: 09 months from the application’s publication date;

III. Validity term

A Certificate of Trademark Registration is valid for 10 years from the filing date, renewable for unlimited times, each time of 10 years.

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