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Remarkable intellectual property news in Vietnam

1. Protection of geographical indication “Chau Thanh Long An” for dragon fruit products

Dragon fruit Chau Thanh Long An is famous for two varieties: white flesh dragon fruit and red flesh dragon fruit.

White flesh dragon fruit Chau Thanh Long An has a fruit weight of over 300 grams. Ears are long, thick and tough, with small roots, green from base to tip. The peel of the fruit is thin and dark pink. The pulp is milky white, watery, and contains many small black seeds. The product has a characteristic odor of dragon fruit, a sweet and mildly sour taste. Red flesh dragon fruit has a weight of over 300 grams. Ears are green, shiny on the curved part of the ear; ears are thick, long and hard; the ears around are bent; ears on the apex are straight, ear legs are not large, balanced with the body of the ear. The peals are thin and red. The pulp is purple red, firm, crunchy, watery, contains many small black seeds. The product has a characteristic smell of dragon fruit and a sweet taste.

On September 30, 2020, the National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP) issued Decision No. 3957/QD-SHTT on the granting of geographical indication registration certificate No. 00085 for dragon fruit Chau Thanh Long An. The People’s Committee of Long An province is the organization that administers this geographical indication.

For more information, please access: http://www.ipvietnam.gov.vn/vi_VN/web/guest/phat-trien-chi-dan-ia-ly/-/asset_publisher/SGA9PgvmYtWI/content/bao-ho-chi-dan-ia-ly-chau-thanh-long-an-cho-san-pham-thanh-long


2. Fresh water distillation system: “Refreshments” on offshore fishing boats

Researching works of Dr. Khong Vu Quang at Institute of Mechanics (Hanoi University of Technology) and his colleagues also successfully fabricated a fresh water distillation system that utilizes the heat from the cooling water and the exhaust of the internal combustion engine. That solves the problem of lack of fresh water for offshore fishing vessels and improves the thermal efficiency of the driving system on board.

The new point of this topic is not only utilizing heat from the cooling water and exhaust gas of the internal combustion engine but also contributing to improve the thermal efficiency of the on-board dynamics- the eternal problem of the mechanical engineering industry. The novelty of combining two sources of heat from the engine’s coolant and exhaust is to create a freshwater distillation system which was an opportunity for the team to create a distinct design. The freshwater distillation system proposed by the research team consists of three main components: the heat recovery device from the cooling water, the heat recovery device of the exhaust gas and the humidifier – condensation device for humidification, and condensation. To make fresh water from seawater after being heated from the two heat recovery devices above.

Although there are no conditions to complete the system as desired, thanks to its creativity and high application efficiency, the system takes advantage of the thermal energy of the cooling water and the exhaust gas of the internal combustion engine to distill the fresh water. On offshore fishing vessels were granted the exclusive patent No. 1-0024229 by the Nation Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP) announced on June 25, 2020.

For more information, please access: http://www.ipvietnam.gov.vn/vi_VN/web/guest/tin-tuc-su-kien/-/asset_publisher/7xsjBfqhCDAV/content/he-thong-chung-cat-nuoc-ngot-giai-con-khat-tren-tau-anh-ca-xa-bo


3. Trading goods of unknown origin can be fined up to 100 million VND

In order to prevent trading of non-originating goods, the Government has issued Decree 98/2020/ND-CP stipulating the sanction of administrative violations in trade, manufacturing fake goods, banned goods and protecting the interests of consumers. Accordingly, from October 15, 2020 trading in goods of unknown origin will be sanctioned for administrative violations. The highest fine is up to 100 million VND if the goods are food, preservatives, food additives, medicinal ingredients, cosmetics, medical equipment, detergents, chemicals, and preparations insects and bacteria used in the household and medical sectors…

These are goods that directly affect human health and the environment, so they are fined twice as much as conventional goods. In addition, the violator is also subject to an additional penalty, which is confiscation of material evidences and means, forcing to return illegal profits from wrong production and business.

For more information, please access: https://dms.gov.vn/tin-chi-tiet/-/chi-tiet/kinh-doanh-hang-khong-ro-nguon-goc-xuat-xu-co-the-xu-phat-%C4%91en-100-trieu-%C4%91ong-25312-3.html

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