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Hanoi Police Seize Over 21,000 Counterfeit Products Worth Millions

ELITE: A married couple in Vietnam was arrested for selling counterfeit products. The police seized over 21,000 counterfeit products worth nearly 1.5 billion VND from the couple. The counterfeit products included RP7 multi-purpose rust remover and lubricant, Titebond construction adhesive, WD-40 rust remover, and multi-purpose rustproof lubricant. The couple bought the counterfeit products from China and resold them for profit.

Realizing that counterfeit goods were selling well, the suspect couple Duc and Hao bought them from China to resell for profit.


On the morning of October 27, the Hanoi Police Department announced that they had prosecuted a case and prosecuted Nguyen Thanh Duc (born 1991) and Nguyen Thi Hao (born 1991, both residing in Thuong Tin district) for the crime of selling counterfeit goods.


Prior to that, around 10:15 am on September 28, a working group from the Investigation Team 6 – PC03 (Hanoi City Police) discovered Nguyen Thanh Đức and Nguyen Van Long (born 1968) parked a car with license plate number 29D-533.xx, with suspicious signs, so they inspected.

During the inspection, the police team found 1,392 bottles of RP7 multi-purpose rust remover and lubricant, Titebond construction adhesive, WD-40 rust remover, and multi-purpose rustproof lubricant without any invoices or documents to prove their origin.


The police immediately searched the relevant locations and seized an additional 19,955 bottles of Titebond glue suspected of being counterfeit.

The authorities counted and sealed a total of 21,347 suspected counterfeit products seized from Nguyen Thanh Duc. Immediately afterward, the Hanoi Police Department conducted an examination of the suspected counterfeit goods.


A representative of T&G Law Firm (representative of the owner of the RP7 brand in Vietnam) checked and confirmed that all 48 RP7 anti-rust spray bottles of Nguyễn Thành Đức that were kept in bags seized by the working group were counterfeit.


The representative of this company determined that the value of 21,347 products of Titebond glue, lubricants, and WD-40 anti-rust that had been counterfeited was equivalent to the value of genuine products at nearly 1.5 billion VND.


The police agency determined that Nguyen Thanh Duc and Nguyen Thi Hao are a married couple who specialize in selling various raw materials used in the mechanical and construction industries. Realizing that counterfeit products of genuine brands were selling well, the couple bought counterfeit products from China to resell for profit.

Source: Vietnamnet

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