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Industrial design re-issuance

What is an industrial design re-issuance?

ELITE: According to regulations, based on the industrial design Owner’s request, the VNIPO will re-issue a fresh industrial design in case the has been lost or damaged, torn, dirty, or faded to the point of unusable, disassembled and missed the VNIPO’s Seal. Accordingly, the industrial design Owner needs to submit an request application to the VNIPO to re-issue the industrial design certificate together with the industrial design re-issuance fee for carrying out the procedure of re-issuing the industrial design.

What are the required documents for an industrial design re-issuance application?

ELITE: The request application for reissuance of an industrial design requires the following documents:

  1. The request application for reissuance of an industrial design (under the required form);
  2. Authorization document/Power of Attorney (in case the request is submitted through an IP Representative/Agent);
  3. Copy of fee payment receipt (in case of payment of fees and charges via postal service or direct payment to the VNIPO’s bank account).

How long does it take to complete the procedure of an industrial design re-ssuance?

ELITE: According to regulations, the procedure for re-issuing an industrial design is 01 month from the date of submitting a full application.

How much does it cost for the procedure of an industrial design re-ssuance?

ELITE: We note that Fees for this procedure include:

  1. Government fees (including: re-issuance fee, registration fee, publication fee): 360,000 VND
  2. Service fee: Please contact us immediately to enjoy the most preferential service fee.

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