Practice Areas

At ELITE LAW FIRM, Lawyer, Patent Attorney Tran Tuyen and Partners with in-depth knowledge and experience are willing to accompany Clients to overcome the above difficulties because we have more than 20 years of experience in registration, protecting and dealing with infringement of intellectual property rights in Vietnam. We are commitment to go closedly with clients and provide professional and efficient legal services in:


     01  Patent registration

     02  Patent licensing

     03  Amendment of patent application

     04  Patent annuity

     05  Patent re-issuance

     06  Patent enforcement


Growing recognition of the expansion of industrialization and of the application of methods of mass production is encouraging the gradual extension of design protection. The emergence of design protection is intimately connected with the growth of industry and development of technology. Design is thereby recognized as a fundamental element of all production and manufacturing and accordingly can be a valuable asset worth protecting. Many products derive significant value from their visual appearance.


     01  Industrial design registration

     02  Industrial design licensing

     03  Amendment of industrial design application, patent

     04  Industrial design patent renewal 

     05  Re-issuance, grant of duplicates of industrial design patent

     06  Industrial design enforcement


ELITE offers the full range of legal services related to trademarks such as conducting registrability assesment, providing advice on how to deal with obstacles, filing and prosecuting applications through to registration, and litigation, and enforcement services.


     01  Trademark registration

     02  Trademark licensing

     03  Amendment of trademark application, certificate

     04  Trademark certificate renewal

     05  Trademark re-issuance 

     06  Trademark enforcement

ELITE’s IP litigation, enforcement and dispute resolution practices are recognized with respect to patents, utility models, trademarks, designs, copyrights, unfair competition, trade secrets, Internet domain name matters and related licensing disputes.

IP Enforcement

     01  Handling counterfeit goods, infringing goods, infringing IP rights

     02  Customs Control Measures

     03  IP Dispute Settlement

We are pleased to assit our esteemed clients in:

1. Registering Intellectual Property Rights SAFELY to Do Business STRONGLY and SUCCESSFULLY Develop

2. Resolving Intellectual Property Rights Disputes QUICKLY to Do Business STRONGLY and SUCCESSFULLY Develop


     01  Industrial design registration Copyright, related right registration

     02  Copyright licensing

     03  Copyright, related right enforcement