The NOIP and WIPO signed an Agreement of Cooperation on implementation the system on industrial property applications administration


On the occasion of attending the 58th session of WIPO general Assembly, NOIP’s General Director Dinh Huu Phi and WIPO’s General Director Francis Gurry singed an Cooperation Agreement on implementation the system on industrial property applications administration at the NOIP.

At a courtesy call, Vice Minister Pham Cong Tac informed the General Director of WIPO of economic development of Vietnam. Specifically, Vietnam’s economy has grown steadily over the past several years with the growth rate about 6-7% per year. Total import-export turnover reached 400 billion US dollars. Thus, the Government of Vietnam and the Ministry of Science and Technology attach great importance to the development of Vietnam’s intellectual property system and consider intellectual property as a tool to support economic development, import and export fast and sustainable.

According to this cooperation Agreement, WIPO will provide with and assist the NOIP in implementing the administration software of industrial property applications (WIPO IPAS). The NOIP has obligations to upgrade information technology and database infrastructure in order to operate this software.

Moreover, the NOIP will provide with some information of industrial property which is extracted from the system to WIPO when the system has come into operation. This project is expected to be implemented from 2018 to 2020. WIPO IPAS has many outstanding advantages in comparison to the administration system currently operating at the NOIP, for example the adjustability is more flexible, the display is more friendly, in accordance with international criteria and easy to connect with available tools of NOIP, etc.

It is hoped that the implementation of WIPO IPAS system will basically improve processing speed of industrial property applications at the NOIP; connect applications administration System of the NOIP with WIPO; facilitate for sharing database with other IP offices as well as provide with IP information to public.

Source: NOIP

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