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  • Mã số, mã vạchExploiting
    IP rights
  • Bảo hộ sáng chếPatent
  • Bảo hộ nhan hiệuCopyrights
  • Bảo hộ nhan hiệuTrademarks
  • Bảo hộ sáng chếIndustrial Design
  • Mã số, mã vạchBar code
  • Đăng ký tên miềnDomain name
    Website certificates
  • Evaluate the patentability of an Invention/Utility Solution
  • Look up and provide information about Inventions/Utility Solutions
  • Translate, write the description of the Invention
  • Apply for a patent for an Invention/Utility Solution
  • Transfer of ownership rights, transfer of rights to use inventions
  • Amendment of patent application, patent
  • Maintenance validity of Patent 
  • Re-issuance, grant of duplicates of Patent 
  • Dispute settlement, Patent infringement handling.
  • Handling counterfeit goods, infringing goods, infringing IP rights
  • Monitor and report IP infringement in the market
  • Look up and evaluate the possibility of trademark registration and usability
  • File an application and monitor the trademark application examination process
  • Objecting to the granting of a degree; Cancellation of trademark title
  • Transfer of ownership rights, transfer of rights to use trademarks.
  • Modification of application, by trademark
  • Renewal of validity of Trademark Registration Certificate
  • Re-issuance and duplicate of trademark protection title
  • Dispute settlement, trademark infringement handling.
  • Evaluation the possibility of registration and usability of industrial designs
  • Look up information on registration and use of industrial designs
  • Filing an application for registration of an industrial design
  • Record of transfer of industrial design registration applications
  • Modification of application, patent of industrial design
  • Transfer of ownership, transfer of use rights
  • Renewal of validity of Industrial design Patents
  • Re-issuance and grant of duplicates of industrial design protection titles
  • Disputes settlement and handling of industrial design infringement
  • Advice on choosing the right type of code, Barcodes
  • Register to be issued a Barcodes
  • Advice on the use of Barcodes
  • Maintain the use of Barcodes
  • Look up information about domain name registration and use
  • Assess the ability to register and use domain names
  • Register Vietnamese and international domain names
  • Maintain domain name validity
  • Dispute settlement, domain name and IP infringement handling
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Customer testimonials

“ELITE Law Firm has distinct advantages over other law firms that we have known before: High expertise and real responsibility to clients. I hope that ELITE Law Firm always promotes these two strengths because customers want to see and accept these core values.”

(Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Trai, Director of BJ&T Joint Stock Company, a company specializing in the production and trading of high-class food products for export)

"About a year ago, YouTube creators in Vietnam were very concerned about an issue of Intellectual Property Rights of Tam Mao TV's channel. And I am also very interested, following a lot of information about this case. Actually, I have never thought about Intellectual Property, nor have I ever thought that the YouTube channel name will be taken by others to register and "steal" the copyright. This incident made me worry about the risk that my Youtube Channel name could be hijacked by a third party. After learning about this issue, I decided to contact ELITE Law Firm (ELITE) for advice and support in registering for exclusive trademark protection for our Youtube Channel. I am very pleased that ELITE has advised and supported me to protect my intellectual property rights. I have my questions answered. When I had a question, ELITE answered and consulted quickly via phone, Zalo and Gmail. Even the ELITE Director called me directly to talk to me, which made me very impressed. At that time, I felt that the knot had been removed, and I felt more secure when ELITE accompanied and supported me."

An Youtuber

"The service of ELITE LAW FIRM made me feel the professionalism from the first time I met, one thing I was impressed with was that the first time I went to the elite office for advice, Mr. Tuyen and a staff member had a book with them. to record the name of the customer, the date and time of the meeting, the problem to be consulted!...I feel very professional and assured that the methodical and careful working process is the difference and the impression I feel in ELITE. Currently, I am a loyal customer of ELITE, thank you for registering and successfully granting at least 10 brands to our company so far!"

(Mr. Minh, FTT Leather)
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  • 1. Power of Attorney form
  • 2. Application form for trademarks, industrial design,...
  • 3. Trademark registration process
  • 4. Patent registration process
  • 5. Industrial design registration process
  • 6. Copyright registration process
  • 7. Trademark registration process abroad
  • 8. Procedure for registration of customs supervision of IP

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