Data to trace the origin of goods in Vietnam, must have these 10 basic informations


The Ministry of Science and Technology has issued regulations that product and goods traceability data must contain at least 10 basic information to help consumers clearly know the origin of goods.

Circular 02 on the management of traceability of products and goods was signed and issued by Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Le Xuan Dinh, effective from June 1. This document requires organizations and individuals producing, trading and providing services to trace the origin of goods when creating data to ensure at least 6 pieces of information:

1- Name of products and goods;

2- Pictures of products and goods;

3- Name of production and business unit;

4- Address of the production and business unit;

5- Stages in production and business (including at least information: product tracking code, location tracking code and event time to trace the origin of each stage);

6- Production and business time (time the traceability events take place);

7- Code of product and goods traceability;

8- Trademark, trademark, symbol code, product serial number (if any);

9- Shelf life of products and goods (if any);

10- National standards, national technical regulations, international standards, regional standards, and grassroots standards are applied.

This information is printed with a code attached to the product packaging and connected to the National Product and Goods Traceability Information Portal. Consumers can look up the expiration date and origin of the product.

The information portal invested by the National Barcode Center was completed in 2022. On March 15, Mr. Ha Minh Hiep, Acting General Director of the General Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality, said that this information portal will be officially put into operation in the second quarter of 3.

Previously, the Portal had 10 months of trial operation. The system has connected with a number of localities and more than 4.000 participating businesses. The portal will connect domestic and international traceability systems; Manage and update domestic and international product and commodity databases; and Share traceability data between systems.

In addition to managing traceability, the portal also receives and processes feedback and recommendations from individuals and organizations nationwide about the quality of products, goods and services. The information portal also relies on reporting data, statistics and technology to analyze and help management agencies make timely policies.

The Ministry of Science and Technology has chaired and coordinated with relevant ministries to develop and publish 30 national standards (TCVN) on origin traceability.


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