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Vietnam joins the Hague System on International Registration of Industrial design

Vietnam joins the Hague System on International Registration of Industrial design

Joining the Hague System will help Vietnamese enterprises easily register industrial design in nearly 70 countries and the same for foreign businesses into Vietnam.

On September 30, 2019, Minister of Science and Technology, Chu Ngoc Anh deposited its instrument of accession of Hague Agreement on the international registration of industrial design (Geneva Document 1999) to WIPO General Director, Francis Gurry. The Agreement will officially takes in effect for Vietnam after 03 months from the date of submission (December 30, 2019).


The Hague system established to enable the registration of industrial design in many countries via a single application filed through the International Bureau of WIPO in Swiss francs, that makes it easier for the implementation of registration, validity extension, ownership transfer as well as  it is unnecessary to submit separate applications in each country.


While waiting for the relevant legal documents to be amended, Vietnam has announced that it shall be directly applied the provisions of the Hague Agreement to international registration applications of industrial design in Vietnam and so as Vietnamese applications. The process of handling industrial design applications at the national stage will comply with the current regulations and the same as national design applications.


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