Hanoi: Massive Raid of Counterfeit Marshall Speakers

Recently, it is easy to see on social networks advertising status lines with content such as “Marshall speakers and headphones have a huge discount of 70% to 549,000 VND” posted with high frequency. However, what is the truth behind this huge price reduction?

Bluetooth speakers of the famous brand Marshall are branded and packaged right in Vietnam. It sounds like a joke, but this is true after Market Management Team No. 9 – Hanoi Market Management Department coordinated with Buoi Ward Police and Economic – Environmental Police Team – Police. Tay Ho district suddenly raided a warehouse hidden deep in alley 218 Lac Long Quan Street.

The “fake” speakers, after being labeled, suddenly turned into branded products, and customers thought they would be able to “unbox” the branded speakers at a huge discount of up to 70%. This is the advertisement on social networks given by subjects to entice and deceive customers. In addition to Marshall speakers, the authorities also confiscated many other items such as smart watches, robot vacuum cleaners, and labels used to counterfeit brands and origins.

Because the number of infringing goods was so large, the counting work of the authorities had to take place from the night of December 18 until the morning of December 19. Detailed information about this incident will continue to be updated.


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