Online video piracy in Vietnam caused a loss of 348 million USD


(Mr. Le Quang Tu Do, Deputy Director General of the Department of Information and Communication, said that the situation of piracy is very painful.-Source: Dantri)

This is the comment of Mr. Le Quang Tu Do, Deputy Director of the Department of Broadcasting, Television and Electronic Information (Department of Information and Communication) made at the “Symposium: Online piracy and prevention measures in Vietnam” Nam”, held on July 21.


The seminar delved into the current situation, which occurs when cross-border social networks (Facebook, YouTube…), information sites and social networks… daily transmit huge sources of digital content to thousands of customers, million Internet users, but many of them are pirated.


Most of the content mentioned is in the entertainment field such as football, movies, gameshows, music … and the main violation methods are livestream, live broadcast on social networks or websites. “Piracy is taking place very openly, causing great damage to the rights and reputation of content owners,” said Mr.Tu Do.


As of June 2022, the Vietnam Digital Content Copyright Center said it had coordinated with the authorities to block users’ access in Vietnam to over 500 pirated websites.


However, the Department of Information and Communications, said that this is only “the tip of the iceberg”, because the forms and methods of piracy always prove to be very sophisticated and constantly changing, through hiding detailed information. details and even provide cross-border services from abroad back into Vietnam.


(A large number of users still enjoy pirated content, or abet ads for unlicensed types in Vietnam, resulting in great damage to copyrighted content providers. -Source: ELITE)

According to a report from Media Partners Asia , online video piracy is increasingly common in Vietnam, with the number of users viewing pirated content increasing to 15.5 million in 2022, resulting in loss of revenue. $348 million, accounting for 18% of the entire legal video industry’s revenue.


If this situation is not controlled, by 2027, the number of piracy users could increase to 19.5 million, leading to a loss of revenue of 456 million USD, a significant increase compared to the previous year. the current figure of 134 million USD.


Some experts even say that Vietnam is becoming the international focus of digital piracy. Facing this alarming situation, experts have discussed and mentioned many solutions to prevent online piracy.

(Ms. Celine Boyer – Head of Cybersecurity Department of Canal+ -Source: Dantri)


Celine Boyer, Head of Cyber Security at Canal+ Group, said that in France, this unit blocks all accessible pirated websites, regardless of whether the source is in France or other countries. “Allowing the blocking of foreign websites with high traffic can have dramatic effects on piracy,” Ms. Boyer said.

(Experts discussed the prevention of pirated content at the conference -Source:Dantri)

Neil Gane, a consultant for the Asia Pacific Creative and Entertainment Alliance (ACE), said that the key to fighting online piracy is to reduce the supply of illegal content and “reduce demand.” “infringing content through stronger law enforcement.


“We must disrupt the transmission of infringing content, have effective website blocking measures, and engage intermediaries in an effective anti-piracy ecosystem,” he said.


Meanwhile, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Han, General Director of Thu Do Multimedia, said that there is a technological solution to actively prevent online piracy effectively, which is to use Sigma DRM to block the content of copyrighted content. rights when distributing on the Internet environment combined with Finger Print to immediately remove pirated streams directly.


Jan van Voorn, Executive Vice President and Head of Global Content Protection at ACE, emphasized the media’s role in educating audiences that free football or movies on pirated websites can comes with annoying ads and other potentially dangerous malicious code. Being aware of this, many people will deny access to pirated content.


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