Copyright and related rights registration in Vietnam


Types of works eligible for copyright protection

Types of works eligible for copyright protection include:

Literary, artistic, and scientific works eligible for copyright protection include:

  1. Literary, artistic, and scientific works, textbooks, teaching courses, and other works expressed in written languages or other characters;
  2. Lectures, addresses, and other sermons;
  3. Pressworks;
  4. Musical works;
  5. Dramatic works;
  6. Cinematographic works and works created by a process analogous to cinematography (below collectively referred to as cinematographic works);
  7. Plastic artworks and works of applied art;
  8. Photographic works;
  9. Architectural works;
  10. Sketches, plans, maps, and drawings related to topography, architecture or scientific works
  11. Folklore and folk artworks of folk culture;
  12. Computer programs and data compilations

Derivative works shall be protected under the above-mentioned types if it is not prejudicial to the copyright to works used to create these derivatives


Required information

  1. Information of the author(s) such as Full name, Identify Card Number, Current address, permanent address; …
  2. Information of the works such as name, the date of publication (if any), the place of publication (if any); …

Required documents

  1. A written declaration for Registration of the Copyrights/Related
  2. 02 copies of the work subject to application for copyright registration or 02 copies of the fixed object subject to the related rights registration;
  3. A power of attorney (under our form);
  4. Documents proving the right to file an application where the applicant acquires such right due to inheritance, succession from or assignment by another person;
  5. Written consent of co-authors, for works under joint authorship;
  6. Written consent of co-owners if the copyrights, and related rights are under joint ownership.

Note: These documents stipulated above must be made in Vietnamese or must be translated into Vietnamese and notarized if they are made in foreign languages. 

Time limit

Within 15-20 working days from the date of receipt of a valid application, the Copyright Office shall grant the Copyright/Related Rights Registration Certificate to the relevant applicant. In case of refusing to grant the Copyright/Related Rights Registration Certificate, the Copyright Office shall notify the applicant in writing.


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