Vietnam’s Trademark Statistics in 2023


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We are glad to inform you that the Vietnam Intellectual Property Office has published the IP Annual Report for 2023. Accordingly, we would like to share the updated statistics on trademark registration applications in Vietnam for 2023, as reported in the IP Annual Report for 2023 for your reference.

The number of National Trademark Applications filed

In 2023, Vietnam saw a total of 60.929 national trademark applications, an increase of 4.879 applications (up 8,7%) compared to 56.050 applications in 2022. This figure includes 10.190 applications from foreign applicants, representing 16,7% of the total applications for the year.

The number of Granted Trademark Certificates

The VNIPO granted 30,983 Trademark Registration certificates (Regs.) in 2023, which decreased to 5,356 regs. (down 14,74%) compared to 36,339 regs. granted in 2022. Of the total, 5,795 trademark certificates have been granted to foreign applicants.

The number of Int’l Trademark Registration designated into VN via through Madrid System:

For 2023, the VNIPO received 9,441 trademark registrations filed through the Madrid System increase of 373 Regs. (up 4%) compared to 9,068 Regs. in 2022.

Top 05 classes of goods/services applied in the trademark applications in Vietnam from 2019 to 2023

For the 2022 report, please kindly visit: Trademark Registration Statistics for Vietnam in 2022

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