Trademark application amendment in Vietnam


What is an amendment to a trademark application?

ELITE Law Firm (ELITE): According to regulations, before the Vietnam National Office of Intellectual Property (VNIPO) issues a decision to refuse or to accept an application, or decide to grant or refuse to grant a trademark registration certificate, the applicant can:

  1. Amending and supplementing documents in the application with the condition that the amendments and supplements must not expand the scope (volume) of protection already disclosed in the trademark sample and list of goods and services for the application. register a trademark and must not change the nature of the subject matter stated in the application;
  2. Amendments to the applicant’s name, address, and country code.

What documents/papers are needed to amend a trademark application?

ELITE: According to regulations, the dossier for amending a trademark registration application requires the following documents:

  1. Original Power of Attorney (under our form);
  2. 05 trademark samples, a list of goods and services bearing the trademark
  3. In case of amending the applicant’s name, address, and country code. The applicant must submit confirmation documents (original or certified copy) or legal documents (certified copy) proving the change (decision to change name, address; registration certificate showing the change of name, address, etc.).
  4. In case of a change of IP Representative Agent, the applicant must submit a declaration of change of an IP Representative.

What is the time limit for making amendments and supplements to a trademark registration application?

ELITE: According to regulations, the procedure for amending a trademark registration application is 02 months from the date of submitting full documents.

How much does it cost to correct a trademark application?

ELITE: Fees for this procedure include:

  1. Total state fees (including fee for examination of amendment request, fee for publication of application): 280,000 VND
  2. Service fee: please contact us immediately to enjoy the most preferential service fee.


With a Team of deep expertise and more than 20 years of experience in the field of intellectual property protection based on our six Core Values, including Integrity, Empathy, Responsibility, Carefulness, Determination, and Learning, We (ELITE Law Firm) are committed to accompanying you and will support you in conducting this procedure successfully, quickly and economically. Contact us now!

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